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THE CREAM ELIZABETHGod Save The Cream! For those looking for a more conventional flavour can we we point you in the direction of The Cream Elizabeth, our Jubilee Strawberry Ice Cream which has been 6 months in development. This happens to be the holy grail of ice cream as strawberries are full of water which corrupts the structure of our ice cream and turns icy in mix. Lets face it, most ice cream is a sickly blend of artificial flavours with flecks of fruit thrown in to create the illusion of reality. We use the Jubilee variety of strawberry which is naturally sweeter than Elsanta. We then sweat it down to remove moisture, add sugar and turn the mixture into a compote so the sugar infuses into the flesh of the strawberry preventing it from going too icy. We tested a batch again this week and we promise you, this is a Strawberry Nirvana fit for a Queen!

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